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Be ready to experience a very new concept that you have never enjoyed in any .io games? No leaderboard, no enemies, so what will you do in Jump into our site and discover it now!

If I say you can do whatever you want for this world, do you believe? Actually, it’s quite similar to the Minecraft world. Have you ever heard of this name? This game is extremely popular because it increases the players’ creativeness in building and crafting. Now, let’s turn back and learn how to play!

There are four main modes that you should follow including View, Build, Pick and Destroy. Since you’re in the 3D world, viewing is extremely important to determine which area is suitable for constructing. Before choosing the Build mode, you need to land on the Pick one in order to pick up a nice color. Feel free and creative to alternate the color for your own structure. Later, build anything you want. In case that you make something wrong, just tap on Destroy Mode, wait to see a red X on the block, and then click on it to erase.

Look for a cool strategy?

  • To tell the truth, there is no special strategy for building because everything depends on your creativeness. With tons of cool blocks, you can make a nice house with a small garden full of flowers or just create familiar characters such as Pikachu, Doraemon, SpongeBob, etc. However, keep in mind that the area that you select must be spacious with no obstacles. Relying on that, you can do everything comfortably and easily.
  • Think that its gameplay is so simple? As long as you don’t fight with anyone, you can play in peace. But, how do you know that you finish well? It’s time to invite your friends by sharing your location via Facebook, Twitter or Google instantly. Chat with them and give a fun challenge; for instance, who create the house firstly will be the winner. I’m sure you will be excited than playing alone.
  • Time to enjoy and have fun with, all guys!

How to control

Press 1 to use the View mode, 2 for Build, 3 for Pick, and 4 for Destroy. Or use the mouse to click available icons on the screen. It is also to build and delete. Hit on WASD for viewing around. Tap on Enter key to chat and Spacebar for changing the view.

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