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The .io world always knows how to pamper game lovers. If you are a crazy fan of hack and slash games with RPG elements, I’m sure you will be super excited when enjoying Why? It’s because this cool game has everything you want.

How to conquer the game

  • Actually, offers various game modes including Fort, Arena, Browars, Football, and Practice. As beginners, entering the Practice mode is a must. After learning some basic fighting skills, most of them come with the Fort mode in order to experience an insane battle ever.
  • You will work as a team to capture a small fort in the middle of the map. The main actions are to bring woods to repair the gate and fuel up the campfire. Of course, you’re not alone in occupying the fort because enemies are everywhere. So, be quick to take your own sword and slash at them by using the left mouse. And don’t forget to carry out some somersaults by hitting Spacebar or a special dash (R key) when attacking to increase the damage.
  • Aside from killing the enemies for earning coins, you can get it from other ways such as smashing treasure chests, picking up around the map, selling items for coins, etc. Keep in mind that gathering and spending the coins for necessary items is vital. Relying on that, you are able to improve your character’s power and fighting ability.
  • In case that you want to play solo, try landing on the Arena or Browars modes and prove how best you are when combatingone-on-one. You will fight against an opponent who is close to your level and who defeats the other successfully will be the winner. Or relax yourself at the interesting Football mode to see which team acquires the first 10 points will gain a big trophy.
  • Especially, don’t miss creating an account to set a cool name, collect scores and gold, buy new items and weapons, and save your best position on the leaderboard with ease. Let’s spend your spare time on savoring! 

Tips and tricks

  1. Depending on the weapon you’re holding, throwing it (F key) is always a nice idea.
  2. Hold the right mouse to send a charge attack.
  3. Use the special dash to counteract a shield attack
  4. Avoid walking backwards because you will move slower than the others.
  5. Sword, spear, claws and hammer are the good weapons before invading the fort.
  6. For further tips, try consulting here.
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