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About is a cool Free-to-Play web game that supports Multiplayer. In this game, your main character will be a very special worm that could able to extend its length by eating everything along the way. This worm will move automatically and your mission is to your mouse cursor or Arrow keys toguide it move on the right way to avoid being hit by other worms.
The more foods your worm consumes, the longer it will become. However, do keep an eye on the food that you’re about to eat. For example, normal foods will extend your length but if you consume toxic food, your length will be reduced significantly. You only have 03 life in this game and if you bump into other players, you will lose 1 life per time. In the end, your final score and your Rank will base on your length, there is no endpoint or Finish line in this game, is endless but your life is limited.Try to stay alive as long as you can and eat as many foods as you could to score points.
So far has reached thousands of participants per day because of its unique gameplay, catchy graphics and tons of fun time!

How to play:    

  • Move your worm with your cursor.
  • Arrow keys also have the same function, but it is not recommended due to performance issue.
  • Boost your speed up with Q key.
  • Use W key to freeze your enemies in a limited amount of time.
  • User E key will make your worm become Invincible in 05 seconds.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Attack enemies with bruises and bandages on their body, they are vulnerable and weaker than others.
  2. Some special skills will need time to recharge, make sure you use them at the right place and right time! Unblocked:

  1. If you’re having connection issue while playing Unblocked at School, Office or even Wi-Fi cafe, then could be an alternative option for you. School, office, Starbuck, etc. Let’s give it a try and let us know how you feel!
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