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If you are a fan of explosive games, be quick to jump into the main screen of, guys. And this is the best playground ever so that you can express what you have. Feel confident to participate? Here we are!

First of all, you need to choose a region including USA, Europe, and Asia. Then, continue selecting one among three available modes consisting of Classic, Team DM and Capture the Flag. And don’t forget to decorate your circle with a cool skin before starting.

Once entering the game’s playground, be careful to guide your major character to travel around and gobble up as many colorful orbs on the screen as possible. Although all help to increase your score on the leaderboard, each brings different abilities. For instance, eating orange orbs will give you grenades; meanwhile, the black ones give you mines. To blue orbs, the power of your shield will be increased.

And now, let’s talk about attacking other opponents in this game. Since your main action is to blow up, make sure you’re clever and agile in throwing a grenade or dropping a mine to kill anyone you catch on the screen. Always note that you need to own a large number of orange and black orbs to use these explosive items.

If you are following someone, throwing a grenade is effective. In case you are chased by the others, you should drop a mine. Please remember not to step on your own mines or you will die instantly.

In addition, when collecting the colorful orbs, don’t forget to grab any powerups and take advantage of them to defeat the enemies more effectively. And try to kill the leader so that you can gain half of his/her score in the ranking. 

Of course, your essential objective is to attain the highest position and maintain it as long as possible. How long can you survive in and how many scores can you gain after all? No time for waiting and hesitating, guys! Click here and savor this fantastic game now! Good luck to you! 

How to control

  • Move the mouse cursor to guide the circle.
  • Tap Spacebar to throw a grenade.
  • Hit W to drop a mine.

Tips and tricks

  1. Keep in mind that mines are better than grenades.
  2. Check a mini-map to know where you and your competitors are.
  3. Make sure you enter the server that is near your region.
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