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If you’re scouting about the .io world for a new trending game, why don’t you follow me to discover I’m sure you will soon add this interesting game in your preferred list of .io games. 

How to play

  • In, you have a great chance to control a small yet cute creature with a swinging mace on his right hand. At first, you might think about a flail in that you can use as a weapon to attack enemies. Congratulations because you’re right! The swinging mace is the main tool for taking down all of the players in the arena. You just move the mouse cursor cleverly to control the mace.
  • Since the arena is quite big, you need to observe a small map at the bottom and determine where your enemies are. Next, tap on arrow keys or WASD to help the creature run towards there for killing the enemies by using the mace. Got it?
  • For each success, the creature’s mace will become larger and larger. The bigger the mace is, the more damage it is. However, don’t reckon that you are the best with the largest weapon because even someone with the smaller one can defeat you with ease. That’s why you have towatch out surrounding to dodge the enemies’ attack and protect the creature in the longest time.

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Is there any great strategy for winning?

Since fighting is the only way to climb up the leaderboard, don’t wait for eating any orbs to increase the size of the creature or mace. And to support you best, I will introduce small tips. Take a look below to know how to carry out.

  1. The first technique is to perform a circular movement. That means you need to keep moving when swinging the mace around and around. Relying on that, your hit is and can knock out anyone surrounding with ease. But, avoid using it when confronting many opponents.
  2. Via swinging the mace back and forth, you just use it for one-on-one battles, especially those who have the bigger weapon.
  3. Move towards the edges of the arena because there are always full of opponents. 

In sum, the longer you play, the higher chance you discover new strategies, tips and tricks by yourself. Additionally, don’t miss following via social networks in order to get new information or download it from Google Play to enjoy instead of sitting in front of your computer/laptop. It’s time to play and have fun, guys!

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