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Color Match


About Color Match:

Welcome to Color Match, an interesting color, puzzle, and matching video game, developed and published by ramfusion. The game brings you to the challenge of color and square blocks. In this game, your task is to connect square blocks that have the same color and complete the target with the least number of moves.

When the game starts, you will see in the middle of the game screen there are many square blocks with different colors. Your task is to connect 2 or more blocks that have the same color to destroy them. At the top of the game screen is your target. You need to destroy the blocks until you finish the target. Each time you destroy some blocks, new blocks will appear.

Note: In each level, you have limited moves. If you cannot complete the target with the given moves, you will lose and the game will end. Color Match has no time pressure, but you have to think carefully about every action you take. With simple but challenging gameplay and good music, I believe you will have a good time playing the game. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use the left click to connect the same color blocks.

Tips and Tricks:    

  1. If you are stuck, you can click the Reset button and play again.
  2. Pay attention to the given moves in each stage.

Color Match Unblocked Game: 

  1. Are looking for a trusted site to play Color Match Unblocked? If you are, just click on our site Here you can enjoy Color Match Unblocked for free with a great user interface. Besides, we have thousands of awesome unblocked games for you to enjoy more!
  2. Now, enter Color Match Unblocked, connect the same color blocks and complete the target as fast as you can. Play now!
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