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Play as a team and fight against other opponents until destroying their base totally! Have enough confidence in completing the main request of, guys? Why don’t you enter its main screen and explore now? At first glance, you might see some similar features between this exciting game and because your battlefield happens in the outer space and your main task is to show your shooting skill as well. However, the difference is all about teamwork. Sounds unique and great, right?

Start guiding your spaceship to move around the space and eat some scraps. At the same time, remember to observe a small map (at the left corner) to determine your position as well as the enemy’s base. Try grabbing as many scraps as you possibly can to upgrade another stronger ship later. With three times for upgrading, you have to consider carefully to give the best decision because you can’t change after everything is done. But the most interesting thing is that you can jump to the higher upgrades thanks to a large number of scraps. That’s why collecting resources in any .io games is always necessary.

Except for upgrading, skills  for each ship is also important because they can make your spaceship more efficient. For instance, you own both Base Ship and The Moth at level 1. To avail the skill of the Passive Scrap better, you need to come with The Moth as it gathers the scraps faster. Furthermore, your team can create the big difference between losing and winning by making use of tactical skills. What’s more, don’t forget to add the active skill for each spaceship. However, be careful before upgrading the ship since not only do you have no chance of transferring the skills but also lose a considerable number of your collected scraps.

Although your main task is to protect the base, do your best of shooting and defending to become one of the top 10 excellent players on the leaderboard. Now, be quick to choose your favorite team as Red or Blue and then take part in the combat with your team players to attack aggressively! Time to savor awesome moments that only have in this game! Hope you get more fun, all game addicts!

How to play

Move the mouse to control the ship and click the left mouse to fire. Hit the right mouse to start the active skill. Tap hotkeys as Q, W, and E to use the skills.

Tips and tricks

  1. Always stay next to your teammate to finish off the enemies quickly.
  2. If your current spaceship collects scraps quicker, let it perform longer before upgrading a new one.
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