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Papa's sushiria

Papa's sushiria is not yet available on mobile and tablets.

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Papa’s Sushiria is a recreational game for all ages with a cute art style developed by Matt Neff and Tony Solary from Flipline Studio. In this game, you play either as a guy (Matt), a girl (Clover) or you could create your own character through the Create a Custom Worker feature.

In this part, your work place will be at a sushi restaurant in Japan. One time, after you won a contest, you were given a prize which is a trip to visit a sushi restaurant named Papa’s Sushiria, but when you were about to leave the place afterwards, you accidentally broken the restaurant’s lucky golden cat statue. Although the owner doesn’t charge you for the statue, a few days later when you return to the restaurant you come across the owner who is sad because the amount of tips are beginning to lessen. Thinking that it was because you broke the cat statue, you agree to work in the restaurant in order to help the restaurant owner get many customers and receive more tips.

The procedures in the restaurant are divided into 4 main sections:

  • Order Station: Write down the customer’s order onto the order ticket.
  • Cook Station: First you have to choose the type of rice to cook, then you time it and add some Sushi Vinegar. Afterwards you need to put the cooked rice onto the wooden slab that has seaweed laid on top of it.
  • Build Station: Add the ingredients that the customer requested onto the rice like crab meat, raw fish, and carrots, pickles... then roll the sushi up and put the toppings along with the sauces on. Finally, cut it into small identical portions and put them on the plate.
  • Tea Station: In this part, you get the drink that the customer requested.

After the customers finish eating your sushi dishes, you’ll be critiqued based on the 4 categories above, and the higher the score, the more tips you’ll receive as well as minigame tickets which can be used to obtain items from minigames like decorations for the restaurant, clothing for your character... while the tip can be used to buy equipment to help cook faster, restaurant decorations as well or accessories for yourself...

Each day you’ll serve a certain number of customers and after serving them, you’ll receive Points that once you have enough will make your Rank increase. Also when you begin a new day, you’ll serve new customers as well as unlock new ingredients.

There are also other titles in the series for you to play like PAPA'S TACO MIA, PAPA'S BURGERIA…

How To Play

You use the mouse to perform most of the processes in the game.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can pause/resume/restart and turn the music on/off on the game screen.
  2. You’ll lose points if you use the wrong flavors for the tea or the bubbles.

If you don’t press the Pour Button when the meter was centered, you’ll lose points.

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