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Party Hard

Party Hard is not yet available on mobile and tablets.

About Party Hard

Party Hard is a role-playing type game. This game takes place in a nightclub filled with loud music and a crowd of people dancing inside. You play the role of a psychopath who wants to kill everyone in the nightclub. But you can’t just openly kill them because if others see you doing it, they’ll shout and call the police to arrest you immediately. Kill all of them one by one and do it where no one can see you.

It’s important to remember that after killing someone, you’ll have to quickly leave the area because if others call the police to examine the body, you can still be caught if you’re still in the area of the crime scene.

The game requires you to carefully observe the surrounding area before trying to kill someone as other people can walk in at any time so you’ll have to be swift when making your move because your targets may move to someplace else.

One interesting in this game is that there are objects in the nightclub that you can “use” to indirectly kill people without being noticed, so try and discover them all.

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to control the killer.
  • Use Spacebar to kill.
  • E to use.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can turn the sound on/off and restart on the game screen.
  2. Kill a person when they’re alone.
  3. Find objects in the nightclub that can be “use” to indirectly kill a person like the stove in the kitchen...
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