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Giraffe Jigsaw


About Giraffe Jigsaw:

Giraffe Jigsaw is an exciting and funny puzzle game. Once you click the play button, you can enjoy a wild and lovely life of nature through playing puzzles. Your mission through this game is to create a full image of giraffe through three levels: easy, medium, and challenging. Depending on the classes you choose, the pieces will be increased, and the size of it will decrease.

There are many pictures for you to play, but all of it is locked, and you have to complete each of them step by step to get the new one. The images here show adorable giraffes in a lovely forest. Each time you choose a level to play, you may have to determine the time you can waste with this game. If you only want to play a little time, let choose the easy mode to complete the picture easily. But if you feel confident enough and want to play challenging mode, you can select the hard level.

Everybody can play this fun game as it's a great way to relax. Plus, it also challenges your skill and tests how good your solving skill is. There is no time limitation through this game, so you can play it freely until you finish it. Try to unlock the new pictures to see more beautiful giraffes.

How to play:

  • LMB- move and put the puzzle

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to finish the old pictures to unlock the new one
  2. If you want to see the full picture again, let click the button on the right corner of the screen.

Giraffe Jigsaw Unblocked:

  1. Giraffe Jigsaw Unblocked is a cool game that suitable for all ages, all genders. When you visit to play, you not only have great moments with your favorite game, but you also can play a lot of cool games for free. Plus, you can visit there every time you like it because it opens 24/7.
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