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About Spacemandala:

Spacemandala is a very interesting puzzle game developed by FREMONT HUGO. The game has unique graphics and the gameplay is simple. You can experience this game right on your browser because it is a flash web game.

There are 3 modes to play in this game: Normal - Hard - Very Hard. You need to play Normal first to unlock the remaining modes.

Normal mode has a total of 14 levels for you. At each level, you will have to arrange the objects into the correct empty form in the middle of the game screen.

You can rotate these empty forms to fit the surrounding objects. When you click on an object, it will fly straight into the empty forms. If the object does not find the form that matches its shape, the object disappears.

You need to fill in full empty forms to complete the level. You can also use an existing object and use it to unlock objects that are locked.

There are also other similar games that you can play like night Lights, Wordoku…

How To Play:

  • Controls in the game are very simple, just use your mouse to delete the object.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can play in full screen mode.
  2. When you use an existing object to unclock another object, the first object will disappear.
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