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Tropical Minion


About Tropical Minion

Tropical Minion is a puzzle game with a cute art style. If you’ve ever watched the movie and loved the Minions then you can’t pass up this game.

In “Tropical Minion”, the player will be tested in each of the stages as each of them will have you drawing paths for the Minions to pick up all the fruits on the way and put them in the appointed location.

This game’s difficulty lies in the fact that the higher the stage number, the more complex the stages itself will get. The player will also have to draw the paths so that the Minions don’t crash into each other or going on each other’s path( if you’re only crossing then it’s fine), and each Minion has to go to individually appointed locations.

How To Play

Click on the left mouse to draw the path.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Avoid having the Minions hit each other.
  2. Click on the Walkthrough button at the top of the screen if you’re stuck on a stage.
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