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Jungle Runner


About Jungle Runner

Jungle Runner is an endless runner type game. What’s special in this game is that it has many different challenges and the player also have many skills they can activate.

In “Jungle Runner”, the player controls a raccoon as it goes through the stages in this mysterious jungle and grab the diamonds on the way. The raccoon will continuously run and your job is to use the mouse to get the raccoon pass the obstacles like jumping up higher roads, throwing oranges to defeat the enemies, rolling under spiky wooden logs, double jumping to reach the diamonds higher up... Remember that every time the raccoon’s hit, it will lose 1 hit point.

Jungle Runner also has an upgrade system where you can use the diamonds you collected to upgrade the raccoon’s abilities such as increasing its hit points, running speed, the ability to dodge... or increase the duration of power-ups you can get within the levels like magnets, shields...

How To Play

  • Click the left mouse to jump.
  • Double click the left mouse to double jump.
  • Hold and drag the mouse downwards to jump down to the road below.
  • Hold and drag the mouse to the right to roll.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Every time you play a level, it’ll take away 1 life point, after waiting a while, you’ll get back a life point.
  2. Try to free the birds in the cages, collect all the diamonds and avoid getting hit to get the highest result in each stage.
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