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Apple Shooter Remastered


About Apple Shooter Remastered:

Brought up from the video game Apple Shooter, Apple Shooter Remastered is like the perfect edition of the original video game. Unlike the classic game, Apple Shooter Remastered serves better graphics, sounds, and challenges. In this Shooter video game, you will take the role of a Native American shooter, who is in charge of a shooter practice. His goal is aiming to shoot the apple on his friend’s head. The shooter will be standing far away from his goal.
The first level starts with 20 feet and after each level, the game adds in 5 more feet to make the next level become more challenging to the player. Your job is trying to aim for the best angle and shoot just like a professional athlete in this video game Apple Shooter Remastered, or else, you will kill the shooter’s friend and lose the game.
As you progress, Apple Shooter Remastered will bring in more obstacles, which makes it harder for you to approach the game goal. However, you will gain more skills and abilities after playing this video game. Rather than trying hard to survive through levels, you have the chance to practice shooting and remain calm of your soul. Let’s get to this video game Apple Shooter Remastered now and enjoy its thrilling elements now!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to aim then shoot.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Once you fail, the game takes you straight back to the first round, as all your progress goes to the trash bin.
  2. If you find a nice angle, stick with it until you really have to switch.

Apple Shooter Remastered Unblocked:

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