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City Encounter


About City Encounter:

City Encounter is an interesting and impressive action game. Once entering this game, you will face up to the terrorist coming to the city. These terrorists bring many troubles and challenges for the Inspector Vijay and you too. Your mission in this game is to help him protect the city from terror and bring peace back to the city.

The background of this game focuses on the city in the night. Your character will stand behind a yellow fence to fight lonely with the terrorists. The bang of terrorists is too much and they come constantly. So, you have to fight continually and properly. As your weapon is just only a gun so each armor is precious. Let make use of each armor and wipe out all of your terrorists.

Each time you kill a terrorist, you will have the money. This money can be used to upgrade the weapons. As the game process. the bombs are required and you have to buy and use them. Moreover, you can buy the bullets in case it’s over. If you get a higher level, you can buy a better helmet and bulletproof jackets. Besides, let gather the medicines box to improve the health and go on fighting.

This is your turn to fight against the terrorists and bring peace back to your beautiful city. Don’t let these evil people own your city. Play now1

How to play:

  • Use the left mouse to play

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you want to change the guns, choose the arrow in the hud
  2. Try to get as high level as possible to have an ability to buy new and useful things

City Encounter Unblocked:

  1. is an online noticeable website you should visit now. Because it provides free, smooth games and not being blocked by others. Easy to find Easy to enjoy the hero feeling in City Encounter Unblocked!
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