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Cowboy Shoot Zombies


About Cowboy Shoot Zombies

Cowboy Shoot Zombies is an endless runner type game. In this game, you control a cowboy as he goes through a road filled with zombies and gold coins. Try not to let the zombies touch you or you’ll die.

You can use a gun to shoot down the zombies in the way, but remember that there’s a cooldown time between each shot, making it harder when you have to deal with 2 zombies standing next to each other as each shot can only kill 1 zombie. Aside from that, while running you may find white horses that you can ride and ram into the zombies.Also remember that when the time for riding your horse runs out, you’ll continue running on foot and if there are zombies nearby then you’ll have to focus and either get pass it or kill it.

When picking up grenades in your path, you’ll receive all the coins and blow up all the zombies on the screen.

The game also lets you share your score on social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. . Try to get all the coins and get the highest score possible and share that score for others to see.

How To Play

  • Use space to shoot.
  • Use up arrow to jump.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Kill the zombies first before grabbing the coins.
  2. Grab the grenades to get more money.
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