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Kill The Guy


About Kill The Guy:

Kill The Guy is a Platform and Shooter video game, which is developed by BeedoGames. In this video game, you will have to face multiple enemies in one level. The game has 25 levels in total. Two factors that affect the result of each level are Score and Head Shots. There are certain numbers of enemies in each level, and you will have to overcome all of them.
The game supports basic gameplay, in which the player will use a gun, which is equipped with him, and take the turn to kill the enemy that is standing on a stone column. There are plenty of different characters in this video game, each one of them has his own skills, abilities and weapon, for sure. Kill The Guy challenges you to make a headshot every time you put your gun on, as it rewards you with more points and coins than usual for each headshot. However, the most important part of each time you shoot is aiming. You cannot take down any enemy without a perfect aim.
Kill The Guy as you start to achieve little success step by step, you will grow the love for this video game. Have fun with Kill The Guy now!

How to play:

  • Use the left click button to choose character and shoot.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Once you miss your turn, or fail shooting down your enemy, your enemy will have the chance to shoot you down, and he is not a bad shooter.
  2. Try to save coins for the character that you like most, do not go for the ones that you can afford but you are not really into.

Kill The Guy Unblocked:

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