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Right Shot


About Right Shot:

Right Shot is an enjoyable and entertaining shooting game that will test your shooting skills and reasoning. Once you get into this cool title, you can pull the elastic so that you can make the ball bounce and knock down all aims you give with a “Drag and Drop” system. Moreover, the game also allows you to use pop boxes of TNT explosives to complete more than one aim at similar moments and save more balls. This game has a beautiful design that brings you a colorful world.

There are two modes for you to choose from, including the Easy and Hard method. If you are a newbie and want to practice more, let choose the Easy way to be familiar with the game. Then, you can try to play the hard mode to challenge yourself. Through each form, the rounds are also different that test your skill.

If you want to complete a level, you have to shoot rightly to make all the targets fall. There are usually containing two targets around, and they are arranging in different places. So, you have to drag at the rightest angles to get perfect performance. If you can't do that, you gain a target and not completed the whole levels.

How to play:

  • LMB to drag and drop

Tips and tricks:

  1. Let attempt to complete every level with as few balls as possible to get more points.
  2. Use pop boxes of TNT explosives to save more balls.

Right Shot Unblocked:

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