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Rooftop Shooter


About Rooftop Shooter:

Rooftop Shooter is an extremely interesting and engaging multiplayer flatform game. When participating in this game, you will fight with an opponent on a roof or a high location. Each player's task is to jump up and point his arm at the opponent to shoot them. The unique thing is that the characters will continuously rotate their arms, and you will have to align to shoot and hit the opponents.

The rule is straightforward, you hit the opponent three times, and you will become the winner. Conversely, if the opponent hits you three times, you will lose. The context of the game is changed through many different levels. Each level will have a unique landscape.

The graphics of the game are designed with vivid and colourful Minecraft style. The sound of the game is also extremely attractive and fun. This is an extremely simple game that anyone can join. If you and your friends are looking for a game to entertain at the breaks, Rooftop Shooter is an interesting choice. Play and experience!

How to play:

  • Player 1: Press W to jump and E to shoot
  • Player 2: Press O to jump and P to shoot

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Accurately align the direction in which your arm is aimed so that for each attack, you will hit your target.
  2. Practice and get used to working with you to quickly conquer this game!

Rooftop Shooter Unblocked:

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