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Save the Cowboy


About Save the Cowboy:

Save the Cowboy is developed by Demonte Maximiliano and published by  QKY Games. It runs with HTML5 technology to ensure that you can play in any modern browsers.

It is a challenging game of archery. Here your mission is to free the cowboys who are hung on the stalls. You shoot the ropes to help them to escape. The tools you can use are your bow and arrow. So, you need to aim carefully and exactly to hit the rope hanging each cowboy. Once the rope is broken, the cowboy is saved.

You will see the health bar of the cowboy. If you take much time to cut the rope, his health will drain. Hence, if unfortunately, you hit a cowboy with an arrow, he will die.

You know that the higher levels become harder. So you need to save the targets for the difficult positions. In some levels, you have to release the bow and arrow from a protective bubble before you fire it.

How to play:

  • Drag left mouse button to pull, and then release to shoot

Tips and Tricks:

  • Control the sound by the icon on the corner of the screen
  • Play full screen

Save the Cowboy Unblocked Games:

  1. Save the Cowboy is highly recommended by gamers and gets the high rating. Why don’t you hesitate to try it? Feel free to access in That site allows you to play the game with the unblocked version, so you can join directly online.
  2. Can you become a hero in the wild west and save the cowboys? Don’t forget to share it with your friends to share the fun.
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