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Shoot Paint


About Shoot Paint:

Shoot Paint is an enjoyable and lovely casual game. Once you enter this colorful world, your mission is to launch the balls to paint the walls. In some cases, you have to hold to launch faster, but you have to watch out that some parts is moving so fast. There are many stages in this game for you to challenge your shooting skill. Each set will bring you a new test with the new walls. The color of your gun is so different, which brings a new design to the wall.

Moreover, the moving parts of this game are so increasing and moving so fast. If you can't catch up the speed of them, you will easily shoot to them and lose the game. You can try to hold your mouse to fulfill all the walls in a short time easily. But remember that when you do that, it is easy to touch the black moving parts as you can’t stop in time. So, let play wisely and know the moment to hold or shoot one by one.

You have to be patient and be fast at the right moment. This funny game fits in all ages and all genders, and you can play it at any time in the year.  

How to play:

  • LMB to shoot the walls

Tips and tricks:

  1. You have to determine the right moment to shoot to the wall as the black moving parts can easily make you lose
  2. Try to complete all the stages to earn coins

Shoot Paint Unblocked:

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