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Space Alien Invaders


About Space Alien Invaders:

Space Alien Invaders is a simple but funny arcade game. Once you enter the world of this game, you can control a spaceship and try to shoot laser beams to wipe out all of the alien invasion. You have to move your space ship horizontally and skilfully to avoid all of the enemy attacks. They are too loud and can kill you every time. Your biggest mission in this game is to attack all of the aliens and UFOs and prevent them from invading our Earth.

There are many types of aliens for you to shoot. Each of them will get power, and you have to spend a different time to shoot all of them. They are appearing too much that you have to shoot all time. Your spaceship will shoot automatically so. You only need to control it flying side to side and then wipe out all of them. Your enemies can change the position all time, so you have to adapt their speed while trying to avoid their attacks.

Each time you shoot an enemy, you can get the point. Try to get as many points as possible t turn to a new level. In the new level, you have to face stronger enemies that make your game more challenging. Good luck!

How to play:

  • Use your LMB to control your spaceship

Tips and tricks:

  1. You shouldn’t move too close to your enemies if you don’t want to be killed
  2. You have to be fast enough to attack all of the enemies before they attack you

Space Alien Invaders Unblocked:

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