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US Army Commando: Elite Commando War


About US Army Commando: Elite Commando War:

Once you enter the battles in this shooting game, US Army Commando: Elite Commando War in which you will play multiple snipers and try to finish all shooting missions. If you want to be the best commando in this world, you have to complete all shooting tasks. There are many levels for you to challenge your shooting skills. You have to pass the old class to gain the new one. Each level will give you a different mission to test how good your shooting skill is.

The game will give you a lot of selection of weapons with many types of gun from the essential weapon to AK. You don’t need to pay any money to own them. Each gun will have different features, such as the number of bullets,  reloading speed, and damage. So, let try to find a gun that suits your skill most so that joining a battle in the best way.

You will begin this battle lonely, and it seems that all of your enemies are too much and surround you that you have to kill them as fast as possible before they kill you in one shot. The game is designed in a city full of broken cars and buildings, and it's the best place for these battles to occur.

How to play:

  • WASD or Arrow keys - Move
  • Left mouse click - shoot
  • Right mouse click- Aim

Tips and tricks:

  1. You have to pay more attention because your enemies will attack you anytime.
  2. Try to shoot rightly to your enemies so that you can kill them in one shot.

US Army Commando: Elite Commando War Unblocked:

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