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Zombie Outbreak Arena


About Zombie Outbreak Arena:

Developed by Dekman Games, Zombie Outbreak Arena is a Shooter, Action video game. The game rolls around the acts of zombies in a strange town.

Before the player starts his journey, Zombie Outbreak Arena allows him to select the time of the day he wants to play. There are two different selection, including the Day and the Night. If the player chooses to play in the Night, the game will add 50% experience points to his overall result. This fact implies that the Night in Zombie Outbreak Arena must contain incredible nightmares. Zombie Outbreak Arena supports the player with a wide range of Maps. The player can experience various places due to the variety of Maps, such as Cross Road, Train Station, Maze, Park, and Road.

As the game starts, the player will find himself in the place where he chooses to be. Zombie Outbreak Arena equips the player with a shotgun, which helps him to shoot down the zombies. Once the zombies see the player, who is represented by a living human in the game, they will come forward to attack him. In some case, the player can choose to run away if there are too many zombies, but if he actually thinks that he can deal with the zombies, then nothing is matter.

Zombie Outbreak Arena owns a game world that anyone would love to discover. Let’s come and be a part of this world now!

How to play:

  • Use the W/S/A/D buttons or the arrow buttons (keyboard) to move.
  • Use the mouse the shoot bullets.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The maze is the most difficult place to play.
  2. If you are surrounded by more than ten zombies, you should try to separate them to ease the circumstance.

Zombie Outbreak Arena Unblocked:

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