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Cell Eating Offline


About Cell Eating Offline

Cell Eating Offline is a typical recreational type game. In this game, your mouse will become a small white ball in a space filled with many colorful balls of different sizes and speeds moving randomly around the screen.

Your goal is to dodge the bigger balls and eat the smaller ones, which might sound simple in concept but is in reality very hard, requiring the player to be swift in their movement and have good observation to be able to get the highest score. Points in “Cell Eating Offline” will be counted when you eat the smaller balls, and each time you eat a smaller ball you get a point. If you touch a bigger ball then the game will be over.

The good thing about “Cell Eating Offline” is that you can share your score to Facebook through the leaderboard that shows the top 10 players with the highest scores, letting you know your current place so that you’ll continue improving until you show up on the leaderboard.

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How To Play

Use the mouse to control the white ball.

Tips and Tricks

Try and dodge the bigger balls first, then eat the smaller balls that’s closest to you.

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