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In our site of interesting .io games, is definitively an exciting one to while away the time. It has been not only gained the number one on a chart of the top iOS games for a long time but also overcome other popular apps such as Uber, Google Maps, Netflix, etc. At first sight, this game might look like some old desktop ones like Snake or Atari Centipede. However, thanks to a modern two-dimensional design, you can get a new experience instead of seeing a flat one.

Start embodying a cute worm and then guide him through a virtual world to look for colorful orbs. Although your worm is quite small and thin at the beginning, it makes you move around quick and easily. As eating a large number of orbs, he will get bigger and bigger, both length and width. Remember that the larger your worm is, the harder he can turn or move. At this time, everything seems a bit of difficulty. No matter how big the worm is, he can eat or be eaten by other larger or smaller enemies. So, all depend on your ability in mapping a path to either avoid dangerous opponents or collect the orbs.

In case that you want to defeat another player, you should make their head’s worm collide with your worm’s body while avoiding smashing into someone else. And be quick to grab the food from taking out the opponents in order to enjoy great benefits from your hard work.

Generally speaking, the main aim is eventually survival with the biggest worm and the first position on the leaderboard. If you’re willing to take this challenge, jump here and play, guys!

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How to play

Use the mouse to interact with the game.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can slither near other worms that give you a chance of eating the orbs. However, avoid gliding parallel with both heads close each other because it’s extremely dangerous.
  2. You should avail coiling to protect yourself against other enemies as well as attacking some smaller worms. Remember not to collide near the larger ones otherwise, they can take an opportunity to trap and kill you.
  3. Or try coiling in weird ways for safety, not in a strange way.
  4. Don’t forget to use Boosting to make a great escape, speed up to kill other worms and eat everything quickly.
  5. Last but not least, please pay attention to the map to avoid overcrowded areas.
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