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Super Sniper Assassin


About Super Sniper Assassin:

Super Sniper Assassin is an exciting shooting game. In this game, you control an assassin. This is a stickman sniper and he is willing to kill anyone if you pay a worthy price. With simple 2D graphics and addictive gameplay, I believe you will like this game. However, the game is violent and you consider it before you experience it.
Super Sniper Assassin has many levels and each level has different missions. At one level, you will have to read the missions carefully and try to complete it with just one shot. If you have a miss-shot, you will fail and the game will end. When you aim, you will play the game with a first-person perspective and this will give you an interesting feeling.
In the early levels, you will find the game quite easy because your targets will not move. However, when you play at higher levels, your targets will move at a high speed. Also, at some special levels, you can't shoot him directly. You have to shoot another object to kill your target indirectly. Note that wind and distance will affect the results of your shot. Have fun!

How to play:

  • Use mouse to play in this great game Super Sniper Assassin.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Pay attention to the wind and distance if you don't want a miss-shot.
  2. Read the information about your target carefully before you want to shoot someone.

Super Sniper Assassin Unblocked:

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