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Flip Diving


About Flip Diving:

Flip Diving is an online flash web sports game. The game has lively 3D graphics and especially detailed character animations.

In this game, there are 10 characters though you can only choose the standard character at the beginning. To unlock the rest of the character, you’ll have to play the game and complete missions.

There are multiple stages in the game and each stage has its own unique terrain for you to go through. To clear a stage, you’ll be required to jump while simultaneously doing flips and landing on the appointed area. Note that if your back comes in contact with the water, you’ll lose.

There are coins on the screen which you can get by jumping to the areas that have them. The coins can be used to spin a wheel and unlock more spectacular-looking flips.

Note that after each stage, the coins will be placed in harder to reach locations, near obstacles like cliffs, rocks on the surface of the water... and if you jump into these obstacles then it’ll be game over.

In the later stages, you’ll have to jump to even higher locations with tougher terrain like jumping from a cliff or even form the sky...

The game also supports mobile users through the Appstore and Google Play.

If you like this game then there are also other similar games that you can play such as Flip Master, Balcony Diving…

How To Play:

  • The game is very simple to play as all you need to do is hold and move the mouse to adjust the direction that you jump and let the mouse go to jump.
  • While in the air, you need to click and hold the mouse to so your character will perform flips and let the mouse go when you’re near the water so your character can get into a diving position.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. The more flips you do, the more coins you’ll receive.
  2. If you lose, you’ll have to start over from stage 1 no matter which level you’re currently on.
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