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Speed Pool King


About Speed Pool King

Speed Pool King is a typical billiards type game. In this game, you’ll have to use your billiard ball to hit all the other billiard balls into the 6 holes on the billiard table.

In “Speed Pool King”, when you hit a billiard ball into a hole, you’ll get a certain amount of points. Try and get all the billiard balls into the holes as quick as you can to be able to get to the next round because you’ll only get 2 minutes each time you play, and when you get to a new rack the timer will keep going and won’t reset.

The interesting thing is that when you aim your billiard ball at another billiard ball, the game will let you see a bit of the billiard balls’ trajectories after being hit, this will help make it easier for you to hit the other billiard balls into the holes. You can also play similar games such as Sports Heads Football Championship 2016, Basket and Ball...

How To Play

  • Click the left mouse on the white billiard ball to activate it
  • Hold the left mouse and move it up and down to aim the white billiard ball’s direction.
  • Hold and pull the left mouse back to adjust the force that you hit the white billiard ball.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Avoid getting the white billiard ball into the hole.
  2. Try and get multiple billiard balls into the holes in one shot to get more points.
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