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Sketchman Gun


About Sketchman Gun:

Sketchman Gun is an Action, Adventure and Platform video game that provides you with fast-paced gameplay. In this video game, you will take the role of a soldier, who is mostly described as a Sketchman Gun since he looks like a hand-drawing product and carries a gun on his own. You will have to fight against multiple enemies and avoid deadly obstacles throughout the gameplay of Sketchman Gun.
The only two actions that you can do in this video game is jumping and shooting, as the protagonist runs automatically. There are two types of enemies, one can fly while the other one stays on the ground. You will have to battle against them and try to survive as long as you are able to so you can earn a high score from the game. On your way, you will see lots of coins that you can collect in order to buy kinds of stuff in the game shop.
Within the game shop are multiple upgrades that you can count on to boost your performance in the game. Sketchman Gun is fun and challenging as you do not even know when you will die. Just grab your device and roll like a real player with this amazing video game Sketchman Gun now!

How to play:

  • Press the Up button or Jump label in order to jump.
  • Double pressing the Jump label to make a higher jump.
  • Press the F button or Fire label to fire.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You should put one hand on the keyboard, the other hand on the mouse to make your movement smoother.
  2. It will take you awhile to get used to the gameplay.

Sketchman Gun Unblocked:

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