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King Rugni Tower Defense


About King Rugni Tower Defense:

Join the world of this interesting adventure game, King Rügni Tower Defense, to play on this fascinating epic adventure now to be the real hero. Your mission in this game is to fight against dangerous hordes of elementals. This game seems to suit those who want to show their best strategies. 

Your mission in this game is to do everything to protect your basement. Why you have to do that? Because there are a lot of enemies who want to kill you and destroy what you have built. You have to construct protective services such as bow and arrows, militaries and so on. However, you have limited ability to use these services. 

In this game, you can’t randomly choose the level you want. You have to step by step complete all of this to turn to a new level. Each level will have distinct enemies and territories. So, you also have to prepare a suitable and clever strategy to wipe them out. Put the protected services at the right place to kill off all of your enemies. Don't waste your elemental sources in the wrong position.

This game is not only a simple strategy game like others, but it also suits those who want to show up their power and their clever ideas. You are the king of your kingdom, so, try to earn as many coins as possible to unlock new abilities and protected services. The powerful and more defend you have, the strong your empire will be.

How to play:

  • Use the left mouse button to play

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to wipe out all of the enemies in a level to get full of coins
  2. Use these coins to buy new abilities before each match

King Rugni Tower Defense Unblocked:

  1.  is a website that contains all of what you need now. It is including free games in all tracks, no block no disturb experience, smooth movement and open 24/24. Let your experience in King Rugni Tower Defense Unblocked become better than ever.
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