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Teddy Bear Zombies


About Teddy Bear Zombies

Teddy Bear Zombies is a great action game created by Studio Pangea. This is a cute graphics web and simple gameplay, suitable for all ages.

In the game, you'll have to fight the teddy bears that are trying to destroy the world. You will play this game with a vertical screen. The teddy-bearer zombies will go from above the screen down and you have to click the mouse to shoot them. If you let them go down the screen, you will be "game over".

You will have 20 drops of blood. Each time the zombie teddy goes down below the screen, you lose 1 drop of blood. You should also note the special zombies, which will be able to move faster than the other.

The teddy-bearer also has HP bar. You need to shoot until they run out of HP so they disappear. Therefore, you need to act fast if you do not want to lose too soon.

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How To Play:

  • Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can pause/resume/restart on the game screen.
  2. Please upgrade as soon as you level up.
  3. After firing, you have to reload.
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